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I'm a BMI affiliated singer-songwriter-musician based in Southern California that has been honing his craft over many years. I minored in music at Cal-State Long Beach, and did fieldwork as a music therapist. My style of songwriting and record production is perhaps best described as a blend of the classic rock, alternative rock, and singer-songwriter genres. My music has been compared to artists such as Neil Finn, Richard Ashcroft, Snow Patrol, Matthew Sweet and Noel Gallagher.

Past endeavors:

In my formative years, I fronted several bands, and shared the stage with other local budding artists, such as Lenny Kravitz, Hillel Slovak (original guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers), and Willie Aron (sideman for Peter Himmelman). These shows led to the release of the EP “Train of Thoughts” in 1988 under the guise of Mental Block Party. The record received airplay on commercial radio station KLOS in Los Angeles, and was touted as a Local Licks favorite. The band went on to achieve wider exposure on college radio stations before disbanding. ​

My 2010 recording "Life Amongst the Static" (which contains four tracks that have been licensed consistently) was reviewed in the October 2010 issue of "Music Connection", and received an above average rating, and elicited comments such as: "Seasoned storyteller King dissects life and it's familiar ups and downs... "All That Glitters" has a nice vocal melody... King's best tune and performance is "People Turn on Now" - a soft seductive rocker..."

Present activities:

I have focused on creating music for licensing purposes over the last twelve year period. Currently, I have music in 13 libraries and have had international and national music placements on various network and cable channels (e.g. NBC, Fox, CBS, Showtime, MTV, VH1, CNN, Discovery, A&E, Bravo, CMTV, National Geographic), in addition to several marketing placements (e.g., CIGNA, Inc. "Go You" campaign and British Airways internet marketing), as well as some radio exposure in Europe (i.e., in France, Germany, Portugal, Romania and Spain). I've achieved over 3700 placements since 2011.


I continue to carve out my own unique musical identity, as illustrated by my ever growing catalog of recordings registered with BMI. Currently, I have over 365 tracks registered with BMI for licensing, and 5 commercial recordings available through various vendors.

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